Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force or Energy.  It is a system of healing used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. In a typical Reiki treatment, the recipient remains fully clothed.  The Reiki Practitioner places her hands on or above the recipient’s body with the intention of balancing the natural flow of energy within the body.  Reiki is also ideal for health concerns where massage is not recommended.

Reiki Classes

There are 3 main levels to Traditional Usui Reiki.  Classes may be taught on a group or individual basis.  Please call or email for more details.

Reiki 1:  Learn the techniques for self-healing and practicing Reiki on family and friends.  The benefits and history of Reiki will be covered, as well as hand positions and an introduction into the body’s energy system.

Reiki 2: Learn the 3 main Reiki symbols and techniques for sending distance Reiki.  The 5 Reiki Elements and Principles are also covered in detail.

Reiki 3 or Master/Teacher:  Learn the Master symbol and personally explore how Reiki can be a way of life.  Learn how to teach Reiki and pass Reiki attunements to others.