Finding your way to counterbalance stress

In my practice, I have many people seeking out Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Reiki because of anxiety and stress and the psychological and physical ailments that come along with those.  Stress, especially on-going stress, can impact our body in some pretty serious ways.  This article from WebMD explains how the major systems of our bodies respond to stress.  What Stress Does to Your Body

I love being able to assist others in ‘resetting’ their minds and bodies; to relax, unwind, and hopefully counterbalance some of these negative effects. It’s amazing to hear someone’s breathing become deeper as they relax on the table; to feel the muscles of their neck soften in my hands; to sense the shift in their energy when they exit the treatment room.  And I am also sure to receive these treatments on a regular basis as part of my own self-care.

The problem is that once we leave that treatment room, the cell phone is turned back on and we immerse ourselves back into the world of “doing”. We are once again swept up into the stress of our daily lives, looking forward to the next time we can lay on that treatment table for 60-90 minutes.

We can’t always eliminate stress from our lives (as nice as that would be!), but we can find ways to manage it and lessen its impact. Receiving bodywork on a consistent basis is one way we can do this.  But there are many things we can do in our homes or on our own that can also help us counterbalance stress.  Things like meditating, gardening, exercising, getting involved in a hobby, etc. The important thing is to find what works for you. For me, spending time in the woods, hiking or simply sitting in the grass or on a large rock, is one of my favorite ways to balance the busyness of my life. How about you?