What You Get From a Treatment at Be Well Therapeutics

For most people, money is the biggest obstacle to receiving regular massage and other forms of bodywork. There, I said it. We don’t like to talk about money, it’s supposed to be a private issue. But I’m addressing it head on. Regular bodywork is a considerable budget item, and it’s important to acknowledge that.

I know this because

  • I walk the walk and get regular massage and craniosacral therapy.
  • I am crazy tight with finances, so if I don’t plan for it, these treatments don’t happen.

But if I expect you to budget for massage, craniosacral therapy, or Reiki every week, month, or quarter, it’s my job to tell you what you’re buying. So here it is, what you get from a treatment with me.

Clarity in Pricing

What I charge is clearly listed here.

I tend to feel uncomfortable with tipping. It can be confusing to know what businesses you’re suppose to tip and how much. So I don’t take tips. I want you to feel comfortable knowing you pay the listed price and that’s it.

A Full Hour

1 hour = 60 minutes. The same holds true for my 75, 90, and 120 minute treatments. The clock doesn’t start until I walk in the room and actually begin the treatment.

That’s not the case for every business. Massage Envy’s hour is 50 minutes. Elements gives you 55 minutes. Even some full service spas operate on a 50-minute hour. But in my office, the treatments last exactly as long as indicated. (Unless you’re late, then I may have to adjust accordingly.)

Ease of Scheduling

Scheduling tends to be the second biggest obstacle to receiving regular bodywork. We never think of scheduling at a time that is actually convenient to call.

You can schedule with me online right here. If you don’t see a time that works for you, feel free to send me an email with some times you’re looking for, and I’ll try to make it work. If I can’t, I’ll suggest someone else in my office whose schedule may be more suited to you.

If you prefer, you can call me at (508) 612-7890 to schedule. Please understand that we may need to play a bit of phone tag since I may need to call you back between clients.


You get my full attention. For the time period you scheduled, you are the superstar. You are the reason we’re in the room. Need silence? We can do that.

Want me to spend most of the time on your on your feet, or your neck, or your back? Sure. Warm pillow? Cool pillow? Not a problem.

You get your own full attention. No phone. No demands. Just you.


I’ve had 11 years of practice and hundreds of hours of continuing education. They were all just prep for your treatment. I am committed to furthering my skills and knowledge and offering you the best experience I can.

My skill set goes beyond just massage. I also incorporate craniosacral therapy and energy work. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and have been practicing Reiki for 13 years. I’ve received basic and advanced training in Craniosacral Therapy, and have been practicing CST for 6 years. A combination of all of these modalities allows me to ease muscular tension and pain, as well as improve the functioning of your central nervous system and balance the flow of energy in your body.

Clinical Prudence

I won’t practice any techniques that are unsafe for you and your health condition. If you have a condition where massage is unsafe, we may be able to still use Craniosacral Therapy and/or Reiki to assist your healing process.

If necessary, and with your permission, I am willing to talk with your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, and other health care providers so that we can work together to provide you with the best care possible.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

There are plenty of massage therapists offering discounted massage, operating under the radar.  They may not have a practitioner license or an establishment license. You can check all that here.

I have a practitioner’s license and an establishment license in the state of Massachusetts. As a member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals), I am also in compliance with the insurance I am required to carry as part of my licensing.


A treatment with me gets you connections with all the practitioners I know. And that’s a lot of people. If massage, craniosacral therapy, or Reiki isn’t helping your tendonitis/backache/anxiety, I’ll help you find the right acupuncturist, PT or counselor for you.

High Quality Massage Oil (or Cream, or Lotion).

I only use the best products on your skin. You won’t leave my office feeling drenched with oil. It’s also highly unlikely that you’ll have a reaction to a cheap fragrance or preservative. I deal with my own skin sensitivities and respiratory allergies. This makes me very picky about the products I use, since I need to be in contact with them at least 20 hours a week. I only use products on your skin that I feel safe using on mine. And if for some reason you do have an adverse affect to a product I use, please let me know and I’ll be sure to find a product right for you.

I mostly use several different products from PurePro, located in Western Massachusetts. Take a look at their values and you’ll understand why I love doing business with them. For most of the massage work I do, I use the unscented Ultra Massage Oil. If I decide to use any scented product, like the Arnica Relief lotion for aching muscles, or the Herbal Unwind oil for deeper relaxation, I always check in the first time to make sure you are comfortable with the scent.

You get to support a small local business

It’s just me! No conglomerate. No fancy management structure or corporate set up. Just a little business owner, paying her taxes, making a living, and participating in the same communities she serves. There are fewer and fewer businesses that can stay afloat in an era of big box stores and amazon. When you pay to receive a treatment from me, you can be certain that money is staying in the local economy.

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to work with you.
Thank you!