Rock and Roll Parties

When I was about 10 years old, my Dad threw this great ‘rock & roll’ party for some family and friends. Unfortunately, no one knew what they were really in for. Once everyone arrived, Dad put them to work—a literal rock and roll party—pick rocks from the garden and roll them to where he wanted to build a stone wall! That’s my Dad, always so clever.

I think these years of gardening in New England soil as I’ve grown up is how I developed such an affinity for working with stones. I collected them as a kid, and I still do. My Dad teased me a bit when I moved into my new home recently because I had a couple of boxes just labelled ‘rocks’. And I know this is the reason I enjoyed learning LaStone Therapy. I love getting to play with rocks as a way to help people feel better!

To me, a LaStone Therapy stone massage is like going to the beach in the summer. If you’re a true New Englander, you know how wonderful it is to lay out on the beach, soaking in the warmth of the sun until your heart pounds in your ears and your body begins to overheat. Then jumping into the cold water—somewhat shocking, but so invigorating; and back out to the sand, feeling the blood coursing strongly throughout your body; and repeat. I always feel so alive, yet so relaxed and at peace after that first dip in the ocean—yes, balanced. That is the healing power of Mother Earth and her stones.

The dark basalts hold the warmth of the sun and the energy of the earth. The cool marble stones are formed in the depths of the ocean. This combination of alternating hot and cold on the body increases the therapeutic benefits of massage, including increased circulation, deeper breathing, and total relaxation. The best part is that my working hands receive these benefits as well from holding the stones when I give a LaStone Therapy massage. LaStone Therapy isn’t just about luxury or pampering. This is truly a therapeutic and balancing treatment for the body, mind, & spirits of both the giver and receiver.